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Foundation Leadership Institute


The mission of the Virginia FBLA-PBL Foundation, Inc., is to provide every eligible Virginia FBLA-PBL member with financial resources necessary to represent Virginia at national competitive events, in leadership development activities, and in the pursuit of further education.


Since the foundations inception in 1993, we have raised over $400,000 in contributions and distributed over $150,000. In addition, the Foundation Board of Directors continues to provide valuable support to students competing at the National Leadership Conference by reviewing reports/projects, assisting in mock interviews, providing feedback, and instilling confidence.




By 2016, we will refocus the foundation primary funding and support programs to center on enhancement of the Leadership Development aspect of our core values as evidenced by:


1.       Providing funding for student programs by growing the top line revenue by a $90,000 target ($118,000 stretch) goal resulting in a total value of the Foundation of over $400,000 by June 30, 2016. Expect the membership team to fund at a rate per year of a $10,000 target ($12,000 stretch) goal.

2.       Expect the business, industry, and individual team to fund at a rate of a $20,000 target ($24,000 stretch) goal per year.

3.       Continue funding at 6 percent of the foundation value as follows:

a.        Continue to provide leadership stipends of $750 each to FBLA & PBL state chapters.

b.       Of the remaining distribution:

                                                               i.      Hold financial support of National Leadership Conference competitive event participants to 75% of remaining distribution per year.

                                                              ii.      Initiate financial support of State Leadership Conference participants at the rate of 25% of remaining distribution per year.


Rebrand the concept of scholarship to focus on stipends for State and National Conference participation to enhance the Leadership Development experience.

1.       National Competition:  Continue NLC stipends for 1st and 2nd place State winners that compete in person at the National competitive events program.

a.        Increase the number of Board members participating in NLC preparation effort.

b.       Increase the number of students receiving NLC preparation assistance from Board members.

2.       State Leadership Development:  Focus on underclassmen receiving a superior leadership development experience early in their FBLA–PBL Career by:

a.        Using the SLC as the primary selling tool.

b.       Enhance the program with stipends, financial and human resource support of leadership development activities in conjunction with the SLC.

c.        Creating student foundation ambassadors to champion the foundation at local, regional, and state activities.

3.       Capture the success of the program for future marketing activities through soliciting, announcing, and/or publishing success stories and pictures of students preparing for and participating in competitions. 


Improve the marketing of the Foundation to our constituents.

1.       Communication messages:

a.        Short inspirational video for long term use on the basics of the Foundation

b.       Annualized PowerPoint presentation that gives more detail on the current focus, programs, and rewards for involvement.

c.        Frequently asked questions page on the website to make sure we provide answers to common questions.

d.       Keep the URL address obtainable and constantly available.

2.       Constituencies:

a.        Win the hearts and minds of the advisers.  Let them know why we exist, how to get involved, and the benefits to chapters, advisers, and students.

Connect with former state and regional officers to educate them on the value of the Foundation and solicit financial support and human resources